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Take Care of Yourself before You Take Care of Others...

I post so many nursing things, but remember that your days off in the medical field are so important, for you and your patients! Do something you love, work on your hobbies, spend time with your loved ones, and just enjoy life!

It was 104 degrees today but I love working on my little MG! It’s kind of like therapy for me. I just focus on what I’m doing and everything else seems to fade into the background.

In healthcare we see the best and worst society has to offer, we see social, physical and emotional tragedy, we build and loose connections to patients and their families, and sadly we are often abused. Take the time to do things for you. You deserve it!

Also, much love to all my EMS, Medics, Firefighters (especially with the California fires raging now), Nurses, Docs, and all the ancillary staff that make our jobs possible and still deal with the same crap!